LCS Kutno - horizontal static load test

During executing "Construction works in the field of LCS Kutno - Żychlin - Barłogi section as part of the project "Works on the E20 railway line on the Warsaw-Poznań section - other works, section Sochaczew-Swarzędz" commissioned by Budimex S.A. and Strabag Sp. Zoo. we carried out horizontal static load tests on piles, which is the foundation of acoustic screens. The technical specification defines the number and type of tests that had to be carried out on piles. As part of the quality control, it was necessary to measure the movement in the plan, the height of the head, the tilt and assess the horizontal load tests. The test was to be carried out for 1 pile for every 250 pcs.

Foundation piles depending on the functions that they form as part of the structure of the object moved through vertical or horizontal. Vertical indicators accompanying buildings by level consisting of important issues is in the case of e.g. acoustic screens. Standard PN-83-B-02482 "Load capacity of piles and pile foundations" describes the use and components of elements subjected to horizontal loading.

When conducting the lateral pile selection test, horizontal displacement should be measured in two categories. The distance between the measuring points should not be less than 1.0 m. The lateral load should be increased gradually so that the degrees are equal and equal to about 0.1 parts of the proposed Hn application. A detailed description of the tests contained in the standard referred to above.

More informations:,static_load_tests_of_pile

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